Meet Chance Barbershop Quartet

Chance! enjoys the opportunity to sing anytime, anywhere (well almost anywhere)!  We have had our share of "unique" experiences and look forward to even more!

Four part barbershop and traditional harmony are what brings us together. Friendship and the love of singing keeps us inspired.

"Chance made us sisters, Hearts made us friends" unknown

Chance Barbershop Quartet

The members of Chance! are all members of Edmonton's multi-award winning “Alberta Heartland Chorus” of Sweet Adelines International.

Sandee Blackburn


Sandee Blackburn - Lead

Sandee is Chance's fabulous lead!  Joining Chance! in the summer of 2007, Sandee has "fit right in" and we LOVE her!
Sandee is a soloist at church and for weddings, sharing her beautiful voice and charming and bubbly personality.



Tina Aseltine - Bass

Tina is Chance!'s incredible bass!  She jokes that she never gets any words but she is the foundation of Chance! and whether she is Doot Dooting or Bum Buming her rich warm voice is a pleasure.  Tina has been very supportive of the "barbershop world" in her 20 years with Sweet Adelines.  Tina is the Bass Section Leader, choreographer and member of the Chorus Vocal Production Team and Music Team.  She is also been active in the Sweet Adeline Region Management Team for Region 26 and was the Travel/Meeting Co-ordinator for 8 years.



Lil Fedechko - Baritone

Lil has only been singing barbershop since the spring of 2003 but has been thoroughly bitten by the barbershop bug.  Lil is the section Leader for the Alberta Heartland Chorus baritone section and stepped up to the "mic" to replace sister-in-law Helen Alain as Chance's new baritone early Aug 2005.



Carolyne Saumer - Tenor

Carolyne has sung barbershop for almost 25 years!  Her love of music and especially a capella harmony connected her with her farmer/musician/teacher hubby who formerly sang barbershop as well.  Carolyne has been very active in the choruses she has belonged to from administrative to choreography and as Assistant Director. Sharing music and performing are a passion and the joy of singing and the friendship with Tina, Lil and Sandee in Chance! is truly a wonderful part of quarteting.